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for the storm of the city of san francisco is helping residents living in low- lying areas. san francisco residents can pick up free san back from the department of public works operation shark. about 6500 san bags are available but they are only four san francisco residents. residents but shows city issued identification in order to get one and there is a limit of 10 said that sper household. >> just as the bay area bridge for wet weather crews in daly city are continuing work at the site of a mudslide caused by a water main break earlier this month. officials say so far the city has spent about $497,000 to replace the soil and vegetation near hillside park, where it 8 in. cast iron pipe burst on november 13th. the rupture caused a mudslide or more than 45,000 gal. spread out over several streets. in preparation for this week's storm drains in the area have been cleared and monitored to ensure that any raw off from the rain has a place to go. >> preparations got underway yesterday in the santa cruz mountains sections of the santa clara valley. pg and the crews are being beefed up. all in
last here, take a look. >> this is in piedmont a major thoroughfare in the east bay city. you can see this video for april, this mudslide caused a lot of damage. in fact it knocked out power to 65 homes for several hours. and the director of public works as saying that after an investigation investigators determine that this mudslide was caused from the minister directed a storm water from a nearby home and look at the same area several months later. the director of public works and saying that this plan has worked out with the home owner taking you erosion control materials with new landscaping to shore up the here and slide it concrete barricades. not all of the work is done but major progress is completed but hopefully enough is done for avoidance of the situation last winter. >>pam: piedmont police in the city that are prone to flooding. kron-4's scott rates got a firsthand look at where those troulbe spots are. located. concern is the park ths in the middle of the town it has flooded before and they hope that with rainfall on the rain. it will not happen again. the peaceful sound
, hundreds of people are lining up outside of best buy in union city. scott is there live. what's the hot item everyone's waiting for? >> reporter: there's a lot of different things! but the biggest thing i'm hearing is a toshiba hd tv 40-inch for under $200. this line is really, really long! hundreds and hundreds of people have been lining up here in front of this best buy. this line goes all the way around the building. i know it's hard to see, but it goes all the way around. some of the folks at the front have been waiting in line since early tuesday morning! you can also see as i pan over here, union city police are out here on standby. i did talk to several people in the line in the front and the back, and they had mixed reactions toing out here -- toing to being out here. >> it was raining tuesday, it's been crazy, i got soaked. >> what was it like celebrating thanksgiving here? >> it was really different because you're not with the family. you just -- they bring you a plate, and you just got to sit and eat it. >> you wanted a laptop. do you have any chance? >> i honestly feel like
city where hundreds of shoppers also gathered at best buy. unless i opened its doors at midnight for shoppers to get their hands on electronics like ipad, tvs, movies, cameras and more. some people waited in line for days missing thanksgiving with their families. here's what those shoppers had to say about their weight. >> it was a different because you were not with your family but you just had to bring your plate and to sit here and eat it. >> i honestly feel like a desk- >> most of the people that you saw waited in line for things like a 40 and stevie for $180 ripple americans are expected to ring the billions in give car purchases this holiday season. and a new survey offers insight into some trends that can bring a gift card givers and people who get the most bang for the bug. >> a new survey showed that consumers need to be aware of what they're buying. bank rates looked at the gift cards that were issued. generally used give cars were more likely to have fees attached. inactivity fees can eat up about $3 per month after the first year. the trade office that there will be m
of the year. there's a shot of san francisco we finally have the clouds over the city and rain coming down. mike pelton has been out and has not seen much rain this morning but that last shot showed it really coming down. >> we may be able to salvage the rest of the day and then we have a big storm coming in on friday. let's get to america where we seem storms right now? >> we're officially under the gun as we take the storm tracker 4. a lot of yellow on the screen already. we are picking up some heavy rain in san francisco stretching down the daily city into brisbane. it is not really in the east bay inland valleys just yet. taking a look of the coast line at looks like pacifica is under a light rain. heavier rain is in the east bay. storm tracking to see when the heavy rain will arrive in your neighborhood and looks like 747 for alamo. be prepared for that the next 30 minutes it is certainly going to come down. san leandro looks like we're seeing some of the heavier rain right now. that is pushing its way into the san ramon valley. that is just a quick look at where their aim is currentl
. traffic is moving at the limit. the ride is 22 minutes out of novato into the city. we will have more on your traffic coming up in a bit. >> which taken live look from our roof cam in downtown san francisco you will see the fog not nearly as bad as yesterday. we do have some locally dense fog north of the golden gate bridge. satellite and radar shows what will happen is anticipated rain in the bay area. pop of showers in the north bay before midnight it is really overnight that we will pick up henry rain. chances are you'll wake up to wet weather early tomorrow morning. here is a look at futurecast 4:03 a.m. the showers approach on the coastline. for a.m. everyone is dealing with grain. could see a break for them livermore valley. the north bay down to oakland stretching into concord indicates heavy rain. we will grow in intensity as we head into 8:00 a.m. that morning. this is the peak of your morning commute. drive with extra caution. i predict a messy commute on the roadways the showers will start to take off not as heavy as we transition into tomorrow afternoon. >> here is a look
into chaos. >> to be fair most black friday shoppers looked like this at this macy's new york city happy looking shoppers walk in and managed to avoid me hamid. it did to get crowded with 1100 people were crowding the stores from around the lines. 9000, or from last year. >> many were opening up around thanksgiving but there was drama this was at a victoria's secret. some of them pushing and shoving the manager was pleading with them to stay calm she was not going to open until the simmered down. and also, this was a different store with a $2 item there were calling this a waffle iron ore right. and in some cases it was not really a laughing matter what this was in michigan with a pepper spray had to be used, to go head to be taken away in handcuffs. and this one command and massachusetts came of out with its windows smashed out the toddler respond because police got a report of the child was left alone they got the report and went to get the boy. with no charges possibly charged. even with on-line ch shopping, do not expect scenes like this--gone. many people are getting an early start
for sampras's go residents. residents much show their city issued identification in order to get sandbags. and there is a limit of 10 per household. >> aside from the problems it can cause. the rain is welcome and per haps a bit overdue and the south bay in particular. take a look at uvas reservoir in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains. west of gilroy. here is just 13% of capacity right now and entirely dependent on the run off from rainfall. if together, the 10 san to clara valley reservoirs' are just 35% of capacity periods >> new this morning. investigators are calling a fire at alameda high school suspicious. if the fire started inside a classroom or kron4 this morning. the fire is out and no one was injured. it is unclear what the extent of the damage is to the classroom. >> gilroy police are investigating what they're calling a gang-related drive-by shooting, although no one was actually shot. a 4 month old was among those inside the home. it happened overnight in the area of 10th street and glenview drive. officers say an unknown number of gunmen fired into a home. if two pe
to froster city. no problems if you are headed to oakland or san jose airport. same goes for the peninsula. 380, 92, all trouble free if you are trying to get to the sfo. your full traffic check in just a few minutes. >> thank you robin. is now we are out to glide memorial for their thanksgiving meal. mike pelton is there. the energy has really stepped up. >> underway. a lot of volunteers about 500 of them perfect for everyone who coming here today. i will show you some of the turkey and ham. about 500 volunteers. 5,000 meals. to those in need in our community. a lot of these volunteers themselves tell me they have fallen hon hard times but it is important to them to come back out to the community. take a listen. ingly just realize there are so many people who are much more in need than i am who have fallen into harder times. they haven't had the resources. now that i am getting my life back together, i wanted to give back and just get the good feeling that i'm feelinglike rewarding myself for getting it together and i can help others as well. >> reporter: those who come out will not get a
like this at macy's in new york city. happy looking shoppers walked in and managed to avoid them. it did to get crowded with 11,000 people had been in a line when the flagship opened at midnight. up from 9000, last year. much of the f frenzy had been because of the thanksgiving opening evening but there was this drama victoria secrets some of them pushing and shoving. the manager was pleading for them that issue was not going to open until they simmered down. >> at another store there were much more excited with $2 waffle irons. the employees referred to this as a waffle right. but in a lot of cases it was not funny this fight broke out in michigan. with even pepper spray used and police had to take away to people in handcuffs. this man in massachusetts who came out of a kmart to find the windows smashed and the toddler thought he was supposed to be watching was gone. because police got a report of a child left alone and they got the board out of the car. no charges were filed but even with online shopping available to not expect scenes like this to go away anytime soon. 150 mill
for daly city. 65 in vallejo. pleasanton at 67 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather for thanksgiving for friday and beyond. we will continue to monitor the forecast quickly in the traffic center. >> not monitoring any hot spots or delays. again it is wet so drive with extra caution. the bay bridge looks good. the san mateo bridge the drive to zero minutes from into in. south bound 101 not raining but there is puddling on the debt. be aware of that for your ride coming of the north bay. >> thank you erica. >> let us take a look at our headlines for this morning. the rain is not making things easier for travelers is how they weekend. poor visibility caused delays and long lines yesterday. some delays or as long as to oust. aaa says more than 1 million people are expected to travel through the airport this week. a new survey says people in san francisco or more likely to travel compared to most people this holiday season. flight delays or about 45 minutes or more. >> cars will be added to amtracs and walking pacific surf liner and capitol corridor trains for the
they had to deal with last year. take a look. this is a major thoroughfare in this east bay city. from last april you can see mudslide caused a lot of damage. this line knocked out power to 65 homes in the area for several hours. it was quite a mess. a big problem for hundreds of residents. the director of public works tell the kron4 news that after investigation the slide was caused by misdirected storm water from a nearby home. this is the same area several months later. the plan was worked out and the homeowner has taken several steps to deal with the issue. the russian control materials have been put in as well as new landscaping and a concrete barrier. not all the work is done but major progress has been completed. hopefully another has been done to prevent another situation like last winter. >> that is just a small sample of what the city is doing to try to make sure that they are doing everything they can and anticipation of the big storms that are headed our way. >> kron4 is began carmen is and the north bay this evening. you have been talking to people there who have been getting r
, accidents happen. so -- and -- it is just tragic. >> a growing memorial in redwood city after a 14-year- old is struck by a truck while riding on her partly cloudy to school. on her way to school. kron 4's reggie kumar is live in redwood city and has more on how people are dealing with this tragedy. >> reporter: residents are devastated about what happened at this interception this morning. you can see the memorial continues to grow. meanwhile investigators still trying to figure out why the truck driver hit the 9th grader. >> reporter: redwood city investigators say the girl was on her bike and wearing a helmet while heading eastbound on jefferson avenue. investigators say a truck was making a right turn at the same time and hit the girl. the markings on the street indicate where the accident happened. investigators say the victim was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. the girl was a freshman in high school. he stopped by to remember the victim. >> i heard that girl from my girl got hit. i don't think i know her but then when i saw the pictures i realized it is this per
the rainstorm come, you get kind of spooked. >> reporter: i talked with city officials and asked them have you done anything to prepare this hill for heavy rains? they only told me if there's an emergency in this area tomorrow or in the coming days they will be there to respond. reporting in san pablo, jr stone, kron4 news. >>> aside from the problems it can cause, the rain is welcome and perhaps a bit overdue in the southbay in particular. in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains, it is just 13% of cast right now, and entirely -- capacity right now, and entirely it dependent on the runoff from rainfall. earlier storms all by bypassed san jose, and water officials are hoping to catch up in the stormy days ahead. stay with us as we continue to track the approaching storm. you can also stay updated on our website,, along with our facebook and twitter pages. and more coverage later in this newscast and on the morning news at 4:00 am. >>> there was another shooting in east palo alto this afternoon. it happened near a school. in fact, so far there have been more than a dozen gang-rela
in redwood city. just within a few blocks. it's the first caused water to flow into the basement of two homes. those homes were evacuated in the second one also cost a mess. those problems to not think that there were related but there were changes in the weather can often trigger problems. >> national news, the man who has spent three decades voicing the character of the elmo. he has resigned after and more allegations of an appropriate contact with a teenager. kevin clash. mchild was 15. he is filing a lawsuit and if you remember another man was accusing kevin clash. he later took back his store but kevin clash is not talking about these new allegations. he has chosen to leave for personal reasons. >> there are two people in custody in indiana. there were two people killed, and seven people injured a a 47 rolled out accidental causes the have launched a criminal investigation. there are- ruling out-8 the causes could be accidental but these two people love not been arrested. ruling out that the cause could be accidental, and they're asking for anybody deahave seen the white van. >> this fat
out of new york city as the 86th annual mac. why's thanksgiving day parade has kicked off. looking to some new additions in terms of the balloons. this very the hello kitty. papasmurf will make his debut. and a lot of people have come out to watch it. 3.5million people to line the route there 567,890,000,000 will be watching it on television this year. and it is following a new route. it will skip time square. they are not happy about it. they will bypass the square and proceed down sixth avenue before culminating at the flagship store. they are setting up 5000 seats at the route for families affected by sandy. and make sure the people have a little bit of entertainment today. considering the hardships they have been facing. we'll be watching those shots. let's bring it here to the bay area. we want to update you on a situation of ocean beach a segment is closed as crews try to clean up a sewage discharge. they say that it came from a manhole near great highway and balboa. they spotted it yesterday. and the department of public works say the beach has no swimming advisory as offici
>> mike >> this woman's body was found on the eastern portion of the city with a three- year old, this is one of 10 shootings between friday and early this morning also it claimed the life of a 19 year-old man. no suspects have been identified. a 15 year-old boy is in cut custody after this deadly crime spree. the teenager is being held on armed robbery in the attempted murder of a police officer in this man. 22 year-old rory pedeford first, alecia reed tells us how police apprehended the young murder suspect. >> following a police san jose and concord police going of the 15 year-old of the clayton creek apartment friday night. they surrounded the area. pulled him out and he surrendered peacefully. found the second suspect in shoot out in san jose. surrounded the area, called surrendered peacefully. >> he did not make the determination that he was wanted to take on the police parties. sometimes, in these>> last friday, the teenager job and will blank's robbed for businesses. and shot pettibofrt also a policeold w thingillbanks. tirelessly to find the second person responsible 20-
's not freezing. >> reporter: a few blocks, the target store in neighboring daily city. there were a handful of people waiting there. this man got the first spot at 6:30 am. >> i'm trying to get a camera. i wanted to make sure i got it this time. last year, i tried to get a tv. it didn't work out as well. >> those are some of the countless retailers opening their doors early with plans to entice shoppers with door busters. >> >> continuing our holiday team shopping coverage. >> reporter: it may be thanksgiving day, but people were out shopping for black friday deals. many stores were closed, but old navy and the gap were open all day. people on the hunt for discounts. >> most of them tonight, midnight. 7:00 in the morning. >> people are looking for boots, sweaters and $14 jeans. >> reporter: old navy's black friday discounts don't start until midnight. those looking for sales came a little too early. >> i was willing to spend some money on something, just something. >> reporter: once the doors reopen, there will be give aways like on this nintendo wi. >> >> reporter: the sales started tuesda
in the flagship store on the left. on the right-hand shoppers lighting up in the bay area at the union city. target in, opened at nine last night. san leandro got a taste of the wal-mart. 30 people were outside to protest the thanksgiving opening. securities were through out wal-mart and outside. the protesters were not wal-mart employees. protests are scheduled to take place to protest early openings and wal-mart's across the area. hist a chilly start to the morning and is also little breezy here's a look from our mt. tam cam over san francisco. we will be right back. but >> were watching bay area weather, it looks really nice. temperatures approaching the 70 degree mark for the next couple of days. enjoy the sunshine while at last we have a patch of dry weather all the way until tuesday. wednesday night especially in the north bay we should see some showers. thursday and friday as well and it looks a little " what this weekend. but we do have a lease five days of sunshine before the storms are backed by the late part of next week. israeli troops have a shot a palestinian man dead this mor
of the city. >> it is not too bad a around sfo. it was 5 for those new commuting stroke of. if you do run to any fall the you should drive with caution. there will be an increase for fog cover. here is the story for started to march into the week can we do a anticipate a lot rain in the bay area. the system is pretty widespread and a cold front will drop out. this is also tapping into the moisture and with that we may see heavy rain. tomorrow morning there is a wind advisory for the san francisco bay area. light rain and as we put the clock into motion the peak of your morning commute all of the yellow does indicate heavy rain. so basically what we can expect is dry conditions for tomorrow night stretching into thursday morning. thursday night will still be a another system that will roll through. this will stretch into the weekend and you could expect steady rain. there will be gusty conditions and they could be up to 50 mi. per hour. when it is all said and done with respect about 3 in. of rain and 10 in. for the higher elevations. you should be aware of this and keep your umbrellas han
and foster city. over to the map the east shore freeway had an earlier accident westbound 80 your near university avenue is out of the way perry off the westbound ride is still jammed up into the open maize you'll see a brief way as yet to the bay bridge toll plaza. up to the north bay the ride on the golden gate bridge traffic looking good here. it has been moving well into it out of the city across the bridge. as we switch back to the maps i will show you the flow of traffic coming of the north bay this is your right on highway 101. right around 37 as you work your way into san raphael as you saw from the shot up near the golden gate by the time you spent it is a the the ride will into severances go. >> thank you robyn a jury handouts' the death penalty to a man convicted of killing two people at the richmond san rafeal toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days and determined that 49 year-old natan budrdrirris should be put to death this the video of sync. burris the mid to shooting and killing tow collected their bras and her friend were see everett the third. at the bridge toll p
if the rainy weather was the cause of two separate water main breaks in this city of redwood city early this morning. just a couple of city blocks apart and this first one was at 2:40 a.m. at brewster avenue/warren street. and the second one was at spanish st/atherton. maureen kelly has the details of even homes being flooded. >> public works crews replacing this broken pipe this hole in the middle of the intersection is where the first beat inch main ruptured. they have been at sweeping and shoveling and vacuumed up the mess with the help of a special truck. tens of thousands of gallons of water or released. check this out. the st. buckle up and cracked and flooded the garage of two different homes. this shows a motorcycle and two-feet of water and damage personal belongings soggy. this second water main break was just a few blocks away. everybody on the scene is that this is where you'd see dirt it was under 6 in. of water. one neighbor says that some of that got onto the sidewalk and went under her garage door. 60 customers had their service impacted but everything is up and burst an
are off. at the cemetery. i think that this fog of by azeri is in effect not that bad. foster city. and a southbound moving just find but we do have that advisory -- fog impact. at the san mateo-and interstate 580 westbound we are starting to see the first signs of slowing over the altamont pass. with a minor tap on the brakes with the yellow indicated by the maps. >> it has been a deadly holiday weekend on the roads. there have been more fatal accidents and fewer dui arrests across the state this thanksgiving.. compared the chp released preliminary thanksgiving holiday statistics. chp says there have been 31 fatal car crashes statewide this year...that is 10 more compared to last year. he says in five of the deadly collisions six of the victims were from the bay area. >> we do not know why those fatalities are up pope we do know that 13 of those were of a result from would not wearing seat belts and air or two of those crashes were motorcycles. they are-- up would not allow those are up-- >> 224 people have been arrested for dui in the bay area so far, slightly lower than
to mountain would where she was assaulted. she was assaulted at knife point. >>> the city council to be the new and the seaport the fifth busiest in the us and about 20 miles waterfront and other parties -- properties as well. the. >>> police are searching for a driver. a pedestrian was killed yesterday at an the intersection of alum rock in east oakland. and the man was hit the second person was hit who stopped. he was not in the crosswalk. the car is described as a sedan. this is the ninth fatality so far this year in san jose. >> 26-year-old man is charged with a series of violent crimes including firing on a police officer. that person is in custody after making a court appearance. he was charged with murder with special circumstances, robbery. assault with a firearm on an officer and receiving a stolen vehicle. >> he is charged with murder and he is eligible for life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty. >> he was one of two men who conducted four armed robberies shooting oneman during a carjacking attempt and involved in a gun fight with police officers. t
in the upper 60s tomorrow but we'll see 70 in pleasantton. 68 in union city. 60s as well. 65 in san francisco with upper 60s through the north bay. as for the sierra, we look at dry conditions as well. sunny skies tomorrow, warmer into the 50s. staying that way on saturday but cooling down a little bit into sunday. as we take a look at your ski report, still have a few resorts open right now. not all are open, but at tahoe and sugar bowl, check out which is open. warm weather the next couple of days and into sunday, we're going to cool slightly. early next week, still going to be nice but heading towards the middle and end of next week, rain is going to return to the forecast! >> time for the tech report. >> black friday deals begin tonight. most retailers and online retailers get ready at 9:00. selling the ereader for $40. that's down from $100, a great deal, a great ereader. toy r us will give a gift card when you buy a $15 one. that can pay off all yearlong. best buy has a 50-inch lenovo laptop. that's a steal. they're also selling the android tablet, galaxy tab 2 for $80. wal-mart selling
billions. and a closer look at the investigation behind a gas explosion that leveled an entire city block. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. >> there are new developments in the sex scandal that broke down cia director, david petraeus. the fbi is now investigating weather the former four-star generals mistress, paulsa broadwell had access to classified military material barbara start explains. >> inside david petraeus is a command center in afghanistan, the briefings regularly include classified information. did some of that information make its way to her? the viagra for at the time? >> she would have received material from a number
. >> these people taking off to towns and cities. and they are returning home. >> it is always good to be packed. >> many of them are coming back for the december holidays. good to be-back. the officials warned that if you have any gift, presents to not have them raft before getting on the plane it. a security officer is going to have to and wrap them-on the route. >> deadly broglie's. tonight, there has been more fatalities and york d.u.i. and rests. deadly-accidents. reggie kumar, >> this is all its lack of this bmw after its land to the back of a big rig killing the driver. this crash happened sunday morning on interstate-80. the coming sky way. on saturday night a woman was killed on highway 1 0 1 @ s f o toward this female victim was clipped by a passing vehicle. on friday, a horrific scene in palo alto. two women have died after this s u v slammed into the back of the chp car. parked on the shoulder near the embarcadero off ramp. preliminary thanksgiving statistics with adjacent taylor sang that there has been 10 more accidents at state-wide and last year. five of the deadly collisions and
city. kron-4's reggie kumar is live... first,tonight.. a vallejo father is behind bars... for allegedly gunning down a teenager.. who bullied his 44-year-old randee williams is charged with murdering the 17-year-old boy early sunday morning. but williams' wife says.. he did not commit the crime.. she spoke to our haaziq maydun.. in a story you'll only see on kron-4. >> this meeting just got over moments ago. perhaps the city is looking for something and somebody that has a good background, but somebody that is community oriented and 51 a police chief that could be outside of san jose. >> for someone to come in and be a leader and lead from the heart. to encourage the officers to develop community policing the way that it should be with working with the community. >> somebody with the department that is going to know the san jose, the citizens of san jose. >> the biggest issue is out to you deal with the budget and conveyed to the officers. it has to be resolved and if you're not going to resolve the budget you are not going to be successful. >> there are three more meetings wednesda
cooking oil this holiday season. this is all in an effort to turn coal into fuel for a city vehicles and keep fats and grease out of sorts. san francisco and treasure island residents can drop off use cooking all at nine sites that are open year round. >> for those seeking a festa alternative to the shopping frenzy a special holiday fair is open this weekend. the great dickens christmas fair and victorian holiday party is happening now at the cow plaza. the fair is open each saturday and sunday until december 23rd. the entry fee for adults is $25, seniors over 62 $21 and children 5 to 12, its $12. parking is $10. >> we'll show you what it was like is some stores on black friday. it is looking gorgeous outside. >> [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> we are back it is 7:16 a.m.. >> it is a beautiful day outside. >> it feels li
and even low 70's. 71 degrees in santa rosa. oakland, redwood city. similar in store for tomorrow. we will see sunshine and there could be some patchy fog, early. to the north bay but otherwise, sun and at the temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. on the sunday, look for a similar day but the tail end of the weather system from the pacific northwest will provide some clouds and a slightly cooler temperatures. where we can expect that, coming up. >>pam: today is black friday and we have tamed coverage with a lot of people waking up early this is-team coverage. trying to grab a bargain and on the top right is from west field mall in san francisco. the bottom right is livermore at the new paragon outlet. let us check-in with charles clifford union square. charles, it looks pretty crowded? >> yes, i am right near the west and/san francisco. the stores began at midnight, macy's began at midnight and there are swarms of people there is always a lot of people and humans were but it is fully that right now. people are looking for great deals, and it is always- busy. however, when i asked
pictures of a school bus accident coming out of oklahoma city. here is a look at the live pictures. students are among the injured in a school bus crash in northwest oklahoma city. the wreck happened at 730 a m. you can see we have officials on the scene. police said a white car collided with the school bus you see here that it knocked the bus on its side earlier this morning. off paramedics are on the scene trying to determine how bad the interests are. back to you. >> thank-you anny it we are watching wall street the consumer confidence reading has come out they have jumped to their highest level since february of 2008. consumer spending is two-thirds of the u. s economy. >> wall street the dow down 14 points the dow sitting at 12,00952. >> the time is 7:08 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. we have a camera at the james lick it shows you the heavy traffic and not as heavy fog as yesterday but some fog. will be right back. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the
. temperature in the 50s in san francisco, and 40s for san jose and red wood city. clear skies and low levels have fog and visibility at a quarter of a mile and the fog is going to continue being a problem in the morning. so you may need extra time. this is a pacific storm that will produce rain and gusty winds of 40-mile per hour. that system moves through and we have a break with shattered shower and by thursday evening, another storms and we will see a series of systems for friday-sunday and we could see a lot of rain fall and strong winds from friday-sunday and one of the models suggesting 4-8 inches of rain for thursday sunday. we have a coastal clouds, but mostly sunny. and on tuesday, we will note increasing clouds from the storm beginning to approach. there is a rain for tuesday night, around midnight it is still offshore, but morning commute wednesday look for it to ent the picture. look for the fog tomorrow, highs for the afternoon mostly in the 60s but 50s at the coast. here is the seven-day forecast around the bay. tuesday is the transition day, wednesday, morning rain and the bul
'll be back with more "teen kids news" in just a few moments. >> stick with us. >> in "a tale of two cities," charles dickens wrote, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." he could have been describing middle school. no question, middle school can be a challenge, and the challenges are different for guys than they are for girls. this week, scott reports on surviving middle school from the boys' perspective. >> middle school is life-changing. >> middle school is competitive. >> annoying. >> confusing. >> it's stressful. >> middle school is a circus juggling act. >> those comments don't surprise dr. michael thompson, a psychologist and an author. he spent a lot of time studying the issues boys face in school. >> boys are not as wired as well for school as girls are. it's a harder fit for them, and it is right to middle school, because they're so much more physically active, they're so much more impulsive, and they want to be outside running around. >> and boys are more likely than girls to drop out before finishing high school. but schoolwork isn't the only challenge boys face
degrees here in the city and livermore climb to 64 degrees and 61 for fremont. satellite radar shows a there will be a lot cloud cover coming our way. a widespread area would drop down from the pacific and that will arrive to the overnight hours tuesday and wednesday. when you wake up wednesday morning it will be widespread rain and it will be relatively heavy at times. you may also experience gusty winds. >> your kron 47 day around the bay shows often on showers for each day. we will still see steady rain as we head into saturday and sunday. >> the fault this morning was responsible for a lot of dense fog advisory periods it was responsible for early activation of the metering lights. they have been on for 15 to 20 minutes now. for the san mateo bridge there was a report of a stalled their toll plaza and we cannot see if it is backing things up here pass the toll plaza periods the back up maybe before the camera. we can barely make out the tail lights that are coming in from the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge for the southbound ride--as we look at the map there is an update of d
are shoppers at the flagship store in new york city. and on the right shoppers line of early here in the bay area. >> some of those early shoppers at wal-mart in san leandro got a taste of the nationwide protest at the retail giant. about 30 activists gathered outside the store to protest the early opening. security guards for stationed throughout wal-mart and outside. most of last night's processes were not even wal-mart employees. protest's is scheduled to take place today at wal- mart's in fairfield, richmond, san jose and san leandro. >> we're watching wall street and we will be bright back when kron4 continues. experience theticket to pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> there is a sho
the windows and i knew where it came from. >> these three buildings are condemned and this city of springfield are setting up a shelter for the people that are displaced and there are a close eye. >> this fire broke out in the duct work at the u.s. statement department in washington to stay. it started this morning on construction crews. a spokesperson for the d.c. fire department said that it was put out quickly. one person did suffer life- threatening injuries not that many at the state department because of how the weekend. >> when congress returns after their holiday. there will take up the issue of the limit the scope let. and just a few weeks for physical clef issues. with spending cuts. we have the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday. >> let the bulk of the congressional leadership. >> congressional leaders reached optimism levels of spending cuts and tax increases for next year. >> we have a very constructive president with the president to talk about the economic problems. >> with a cornerstone to work something out. >> the
extra time into the city. the san mateo bridge had earlier stall but it is out of the way. the golden gate bridge has been a troubled free ride it throughout the morning. it would take about 25 minutes to get out in about an to seven cisco. >> the jury has their hands down the death penalty and to a man convicted of killing two people in the richmond center fell toll plaza. 49 year-old nathan breast should be put to death. you may remember that he admitted to shooting and killing deborah ross and her friend chelsea covered the third at the bridge's toll plaza and 2009. he thought they were romantically involved. he had previously been in a romantic relationship with ross. he told jurors that this lanes were justified. a person was struck and killed by an amtrak train that was in route to sacramento. the accident happened last night shortly before 7 at the intersection of 105th in eds ave. none of the 160 passengers were hurt. >> dozens of computers another crash on a stall in from san francisco elementary school monday night. the break-in at george washington called for elementary sch
chief chris more i not said he would be leading in mid january. the city does not have a lot of time to find a replacement. amongst other qualities that they're looking for someone who be an effective manager in communicator. some with a foreign record of success in fighting crime and someone who will work with san jose is the first community. more has only been on the job for two years and held a similar series of meeting before he was hired. to i will be the first of four public sessions. there'll be one on wednesday and two more in december. on kron4 and his at 8:00 we'll have more from tonight's meeting and what qualities residents would like to see in a police chief. >> the high street bridge in alameda was closed for a little more than an hour this afternoon while police investigated and death there. police arrived on the scene and found a man hanging from his neck. the police immediately close the bridge in both directions to investigate the death. alameda in oakland firefighters hope to recover the body. please open the bridge just over an hour after was closed. they're still
and city. berkeley is coming in at 60 degrees this afternoon. 7 day around the bay shows more in a way of cloud cover as we head into tomorrow. wednesday overnight hours will see some rain. future cast four, 2:00 a.m. wednesday whole lot of cloud cover. as we advance the clock 4:00 a.m. in the form of rain at the real and green indicating light to moderate rain approaching the bay area. we could see a when the advisory in front of the system. multiple storms for the rest of the workweek and as we transition into the weekend, expect a steady heavy rain. we could see excess of 15 in. for the north bay when this is all said and done. sfax 7:16 a.m. we're on to traffic with george. >> the fog is slowing things around the bay area but thankfully we have not tried in the hot spots yet this morning. things are still moving pretty well, even if slowly. the bay bridge toll plaza drive times are running about 18 to 22 minutes. there's a backup from west grand avenue, it is not slammed through the macarthur maze this morning. it is heavy at the san mateo bridge once again and we notice that the b
, santa rosa and believe that in napa. daly city and also in sunnyvale. we are going to see some chilly conditions and the possibility of fog. take a look of the inland areas by 2:00 a.m., it will spread south towards san jose by 4:00 a.m. and also possible in the north bay. we will likely wake up with 4:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., with a decent morning. as for temperatures, those are going to be chilly but warmer in the afternoon it. clear, chilly, sunny, mild, and with the mid upper 60s almost everywhere. we will see this warmer weather with the holiday weekend and take a look get your extended forecast, coming up. >> hostess is officially going out of business. this decision came after the company's dispute with the bakery's unions. it allows the closing of wonder bread, twinkies, to sell off recipes, bakeries. the company's operations shut down after several days of strikes from the employees. the lady liberty will not be getting any visitors the national park service says there is enough damage from super storm sandy to keep it closed. the remaining problems include a danger of falling bec
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